Cultoura Travel

Cultoura is dedicated to everything connected with culture and the mere name means that culture and arts are at the heart of each tour. Cultoura is committed to introduce you to the sources of inspiration All over Egypt. Therefore, we invite you to explore the roots of this ancient civilization, in order, to gain an appreciation of the far-reaching undamental contribution that the men and women in Egypt have made to modern civilization.

Our services: with a different flair and distinction, we have the know-how to help you plan highly successful tours. Our ideas make the difference.....and create cherished memories for your client to come back for more.

Specialized Tours:
Including adventure....once in a life time holidays, Safari holidays, camping, scuba diving, hunting, sailing, bird -watching, dolphins swims, motor coach tours and lots more.

Ad Hoc Tours:
For Travellers with shared interests; professionals, such as; physicians, students, religious groups, lawyers, architects. We help you arrange specialized itineraries with freedom and flexibility, luxury and personal service.


We have even more for your individual traveller who requires a fully inclusive tour program, we tailor-make itineraries to help your client see Egypt as they please.

What more do we offer?
We take you on a rural tour for a day long to meet with local farmers and the mayor of a village. Not yet on the tourist map; we help you discover the spirit and the charm of Egypt through oriental live-music, Soufi-dance and Darwish Shows. We offer you the opportunity to communicate with Egyptian students at school and discuss current events.

With our company, you can also see and enjoy the untouched wilderness at the National park of Elba, Visit unknown museums that you will never experience in any ordinary tour to Egypt.  We have the ability to develop and create innovative products. We want you to experience Egypt in a different way; feel the Egypt of yesterday, today and tomorrow.